Selling your goods and files

If you have goods, products or files for sale and you want us to market for you and find customers, you can use this section and register your products. We market your products and find customers using internet marketing methods. After the product is sold, a percentage of the sales amount (of your choice) will be given to the Masbi site.

Definition of the seller on the Masbi site:

On the Masbi site, a seller is someone who is responsible for selling goods. In fact, the seller personally sends the product to the customer and undertakes its support.

The seller should not be an intermediary for another seller, but should be a direct supplier and seller of goods. It means to have the goods and take the responsibility of selling them directly.

It is necessary for the seller to have a website where all his products are registered. The domain of that site is owned by the seller or his company.

The process of placing an order until withdrawing the balance:

Whenever a user orders your product, it is immediately registered in your panel (in the orders section). You can view the orders and enter the details of the order by clicking on each order. Using the send message icon, you can send your additional information to the customer.

If the customer pays the amount of the order to the site, his order becomes paid status. and the amount of the order is added to your balance. and its commission will be deducted from your balance. Orders whose status has been paid must be sent by you to the customer's address (non-downloadable products). Every order you send to the customer's address, you must enter the Tracking Code in the relevant field so that the order becomes Sent status.

We track sent orders via tracking number. Every order reaches the customer, it will be changed to Delivered status.

You can withdraw the balance through the withdrawal request section.

Mail order process for online payment:

The customer enters the Masbi site, reads and checks the specifications and features of the product, and registers an order. If the customer pays the amount of the order, the amount of the product and postage will be added to the seller's user panel, and the details of the customer, including the postal address, will be registered in the seller's panel immediately. Then the seller will be notified by email. The seller must log in to his user panel and by clicking on the Paid orders button, send the relevant goods to the customer's postal address and register the shipping code.

Important: The seller is responsible for sending and delivering the goods to the customer. The seller must sent the orders to the customer's address and register the tracking code for that order. Because only in this case we can track the order and Make the order amount available to the seller.

Sales process by paying at home:

Whenever a user orders a product or products, the status of the order will initially be Awaiting-Payment. If the user chooses the pay-at-home method, the order will be converted to the status of pay-at-home. The order with the status of pay-at-home, should be sent by the relevant sellers to the customer's address (the sellers must have a payment contract with the post office or postal intermediary companies) and after sending, enter the tracking code in the relevant field for that order to The order will change to the sent status. The site manager tracks the orders sent through the tracking code. Every order reaches the customer, it becomes delivered and the order commission is automatically deducted from the balance of the seller's panel.

Obviously, at the time of placing an order, the status of pay-at-home can only be selected for products where the balance of the relevant seller is at least equal to the amount of the relevant commission and all the products in the shopping cart are of postal type.

Sales process of downloadable products:

If your products are in the form of files (downloaded), you can register those products. so that the Masbi site sells them online. For the sale of downloadable products, all work from the time of placing the order to the delivery of the file to the customer is done automatically, and there is no need to follow up the order by the seller. Rather, the seller will only guarantee the product and answer customers' questions and problems.

You can put all kinds of files that you have designed for sale online. Your files can be a collection of photos or videos or animations or applications or educational books prepared by yourself. The condition of accepting your file is that you are the designer yourself or have a license to sell it. Your details must be recorded in your files.

Anyone can be a good seller and earn a good income this way. For example, let's say you have collected a beautiful collection of pictures of natural landscapes of your province and now you plan to sell it. Either you have designed a short animation and you intend to sell it, or you have produced an interesting program, or you have written an educational pdf file. All these are products that belong to you and you write your name as a designer on them and upload them for sale on Masbi. So you can be a seller of your own original products without copying other people's products and earn a good income.

General regulations of the seller section:

- Product commission: At the time of product registration, in the product commission field, specify the percentage of the product price that you can pay to the Masbi site for each sale. Of course, the higher the percentage, the more effective it will be in promoting and attracting customers for the product. Determining the amount of the commission is the responsibility of the seller.

- If you intend to register downloadable products, make each downloadable product as a zip file, in which zip file, in addition to the main product file or files, put a text file and write your name, email and phone number in that text file and Mention that you are responsible for the support and sale of this product. When the customer buys the product and makes the online payment, the product download link is automatically generated and provided to the customer.

- If you intend to add dounload product, you must be the manufacturer of the product yourself or have a license to sell the product.

- If your product is a book, enter all the details of the book, such as the book number, author, publication, etc., in the product description field.

- If your product is a CD or DVD, you must enter the hologram specifications or their display license in the product description field.

- The sale of theses and student projects and proposals is not accepted.

- Email bank and mobile bank are not accepted.

- Filter breaker and hacking training and bypassing the filter are not accepted.

- The supply of satellite equipment such as dish, receiver, LNB and DVB... is not accepted.

- The supply of sexual accessories such as sexual drugs, marital accessories, etc. is not accepted.

- The supply of drugs such as obesity and slimming drugs, anti-addiction drugs, sports supplements, etc. is not accepted.

- The supply of spy equipment such as eavesdropping devices, watches with cameras, glasses with cameras, etc. is not accepted.

- The supply of military items such as tear gas, anesthetic gases, types of shocks, etc. is not accepted.

- Offering obscene items such as obscene videos, dance training videos, etc. is not accepted.

- Internet earning training products and earning training from internet sites and internet investment are not accepted.

- The software will not be accepted unless the software designer is the seller and the name and contact information of the seller is available in the executable file of the software.

The cost of registering each product is 30,000 Tomans. The product registration fee is charged only once for each product. This cost is for searching about the product, SEO of the product page, correcting the product description and photos, adding appropriate content to the product description and paragraphing, etc.

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