Note: Membership and activities in the marketing section of the Masbi site are completely free.


Make money very easily. Just publish your link and make money That's all you have to do.
If you are interested in working at home and you like to earn money and become rich by marketing and advertising on the Internet, Masbi site is the right choice for you.
If you are the owner of a site or blog or a popular channel, you have a good opportunity to start marketing and earn money by inserting your own links on your site or blog or channel.

Making money in Masbi is very simple and easy methods are designed for this. Just register and start working immediately. After registration, you will see your own link and in order to be able to easily publish your own link, various and attractive sections will be shown to you. Among them, marketing links, exclusive codes, magic codes, etc., according to your interest, choose any section you like and earn money with that section.

In one sentence, I will define the method of earning money in Masbi: Advertising or publishing or sharing your own links on the Internet

According to the above definition, whichever method you choose, you must promote, publish or share your own links on the Internet so that others can enter the masbi site by clicking on them and you earn a commission from their payments. For example, if you put one of your marketing links on a social network and others click on it, they will immediately enter the website and use any service, an amount will be added to your income. The details and amount of this amount are explained in different sections in your marketing panel.

Question: If users click on my exclusive links, what services can they use?


- They can buy products.

- They can register ads.

- They can send advertising messages to site members.

- They can register products as sellers.

- and ...

In short, you will get a commission (reward) for every service they buy, and this means you have succeeded in making money.

You can withdraw your earnings at any time, that is, request that we deposit your earnings to your bank account or digital wallet.

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